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The purpose of this site is to provide shia momineen all over the world one place to find all the useful links and information resources available on the world wideweb. Stay tuned for further Content.   


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Links for Shia Islamic Centers in North America  - Zainabia Center of Detroit Michigan  - Unity Center Cleveland Ohio - Chicago, Illinois - Zainab Org. Of Greater Seattle - Zainabia Center of Atlanta, GA - Zainabia of New Jersey - Asataana-e-Zehra Englishtown, New Jersey Shah-e-Najaf Islamic Center, (Brentwood) Long Island, NY Masjid-e-Ali, Somerset, New Jersey - Imam Al-Khoei center of New York - Metroplex Organization of Muslims in North Texas - Islamic Institute of New York - Anjuman Pasban-e-Aza Texas  - Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association Austin, TX - Anjuman Haideria Islamic Education Center - Houston - Kufa Center of Islamic Knowledge (KCIK) - Al Rasool Islamic Center  Memphis, TN - Islamic Center in Salt Lake City, Utah -Toronto center, Canada





Then I was Guided by:  Tajani Samawi


Mafati ul Janan:


Wazaif ul Abrar:


Sahifa-e-Alaviya by Imam Ali (AS):


Najul Balagah: (Peak of Eloquence):

English with Search Functionality



Tauze ul Masail: (Islamic Laws )

Ayatullah al Uzama Syed Ali al-Husaini Seestani 

Imam Khomeini (English):

Imam Khomeini (URDU):


Ayatullah Khmenei - Send a Question


The Awaited Saviour- By: Murtaza Mutahhariari


Salat ul Juma By: Murtaza Mutahhari


Superman in Islam- Urdu By: 25 Muslim and Non-Muslim Scholars


Shabhai Peshawar (Peshawar Nights) Urdu...


Bahar-ul-Anwar - Volume  1  to 12


Asool-e-Kafi - Volume 1 to 5 (PDF) & Many Other Books:


Imamia Jantri & Many Other Books:


Sahih Bokhari


Sahih Muslim


Sunan Abu-Dawud (Partial)





Arabic with English Translation and Commentary:


Quran Tafseer- Tafseer e Namona:



Arabic with Urdu Translation:



Arabic with English Translation: (Search)


Find Any Ayat:

Suppose you want to find all the ayats that has the following words,

qun fa ya qoon

Now type this and Click Find


Came across a website for Quran recitations and translation. Place the cursor on any Ayat to display the translation. It offers various languages, and a large number translation sources and Qari’s (recitors).


Listen Quran with Urdu Translation.........


Listen Quran with Urdu translation...






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